About Us

Every once in a life time something comes along that changes the game, takes you to the next level and makes you feel ahead again....That lifetime is now! Infinity® offers a proprietary patent-pending line of the first multi-purpose protectants available on the market today! Scientifically proven, water-based & non-toxic. Infinity® has attributes which work together against the classical elements to eliminate, protect & inhibit the issues from grime, odor, smoke, water, & wind, for our homes, businesses, surroundings, all the way down to us! Infinity Inhibits issues which arise from the air we breathe to the surfaces which we move about, knowingly and unknowingly. Including clothing, textiles & hard surfaces, natural & synthetic. Infinity® products have established an entirely new category in the market place. A Multi-Purpose Protectant for what matters most, Us! Infinity Worldwide LLC manufacturer and distributes our product line in industrial, commercial and consumer arenas. Infinity's product lineis 100% Made in the USA, and we are a Veteran owned and operated company.
Infinity® was developed with the drive and determination to introduce excellence to our world, with the priority of keeping our environment safe and protected. Our products are the most advanced scientifically proven Hyper Green® Multi-Purpose Surface Protectants, in today's market. Our formula is long lasting and works on clothing, textiles and hard surfaces. Our advanced technology has created a new product category on the house hold market, as a multi-purpose protectant, geared to what matters most, life! 

Infinity's research and development team, has kept the company on the cutting edge, developing our own proprietary Patent Pending Hyper Green® Technology which allows us to enhance your quality of life. Hyper Green® Technology is water-based, non-toxic, non-corrosive, biodegradable and a hypoallergenic formula, with a pH balance 7.0. Infinity® products contain no alcohol, no Chlorofluorocarbons(CFCs), no Ozone depleting chemicals (ODCs). Our trusted Hyper Green® Technology has met strict quality and safety criteria and has been scientifically proven to eliminate protect and inhibit clean, new or dust free surfaces with an invisible barrier of protection.  

When you buy our trusted brands, Infinity®, Infinity Odor Shield®, Infinity Pro® Infinity Fresh™ and Infinity Shields™ you are contributing to the preservation of our planet. We assure you that we never compromise our integrity in the quality and standards which we developed, keeping Infinity® Second To None!  

We appreciate the confidence and loyalty of our customers and stand behind our quality products. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee on all Infinity® products. Any questions or comments please call us at (954) 531-6918 Thank You.