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Infinity Shields® Wins Most Innovative Product of the 2020

In 2019 Infinity Shields® was launched into the DIY market at Home Depot and at this years 2020 Home Depot Annual Partners Conference in Tennessee, Infinity Shields® won Most Innovative Product of the year at the show and placed in the top five for most sustainability. Howard said, “We were truly honored to be in the company of the best products this country has to offer, showcased by a leading retailer. 

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Backyard Spring Cleaning With Expert Kathryn Emery KTLA 5

Home Improvement and Lifestyle expert Kathryn Emery explains on national TV why Infinity Shields® is the multi-purpose surface protectant on the market today!

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Infinity Shields® at The Great Smoke 2019

Do you appreciate the aroma of high-quality cigars? If so, come join Infinity Worldwide on Saturday, February 16th at The Great Smoke 2019 in West Palm Beach.

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Infinity Shields® | How to Detour Roedents

Infinity Shields® is saving millions of dollars by detouring rodents from chewing wires, harnesses and cables within the solid waste industry

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