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The Great Smoke 2019 | Infinity Shields®

The Great Smoke 2019 | Infinity Shields®

Posted by Todd David on Feb 13th 2019

Do you appreciate the aroma of high-quality cigars? If so, come join Infinity Worldwide on Saturday, February 16th at The Great Smoke 2019 in West Palm Beach. Cigar aficionados from around the world are excited to appear at the South Florida Fairgrounds’ off Southern Blvd. After all, this year’s four-day event will be The Great Smoke’s 13th year offering cigar-centric activities. Just like last year, men and women will enjoy meeting other cigar enthusiasts and cigar manufacturers, as well as taking part in off-the-wall extracurricular activities.

Tickets to The Great Smoke 2019 include a grab bag of premium cigars and cigar-related goodies, as well as entry to the main event and afterparty with 45 of the industry’s hottest cigar manufacturers and cigar personalities. Great Smoke 2019 will benefit the Kids Cancer Foundation and attendees must be 21.

Make sure to visit Infinity’s Blast booth at The Great Smoke 2019 and discover The Blast™ by Infinity®. Created with environmentally-safe Hyper Green Technology, the amazing product has been scientifically proven to eliminate unwanted cigarette, cigar and cannabis smoke on contact. You simply spray it on clothes, textiles and hard surfaces, and the odor and smoke are gone.

One of the things that makes The Blast™ by Infinity® so special is the fact that it is water-based. Everything else on the market is oil-based. So, when you spray it on your clothes or in your car, it stains. That is why Infinity© has been outselling oil-based products three to one and it doesn’t stain.Learn more about The Blast™ by Infinity® at