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What is Hyper Green?

Hyper Green Technology® is the patented development and manufacturing utilizing advanced techniques, methods, and procedures for the development of water-based, non-toxic, non-corrosive products that consistently have a pH balance of 7.0. Once on the treated surface, our products are long-lasting and will not rub off. Our products eliminate, protect, and inhibit everyday surface issues well past the re-application time of conventional products. Thus, saving the consumer valuable time and money.

Our Hyper Green Technology® is safe and can be used on fabrics, clothes, textiles, and all hard surfaces in and around your home, business, automobile, or where clean is important to you.

As the first Hyper Green® manufacturer, we strive to keep the air that you breathe to the surfaces you touch clean and protected! Thus providing healthier solutions for our planet, our families, and the communities we live and work in!