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Cities Find Solution To Rat Infestation

Posted by Peter Crenshaw on Oct 8th 2021

This week was a milestone for Suprise, Arizona, and Margate, Florida. Although miles apart both cities have found a solution to an age-old problem of the rat! Rats have been around since the beginning of time, they were the main food source on monster wooden sailing ships that took months to cross the world's oceans. The rodent can breed 48 hours after giving birth. One set of rats can swell the population by as many as 1250 in one year. So when public works got wind of a Battle-Tested product from Waste Management and Republic Services they decided to give it a try! 

Infinity Shields Protects® is a hyper-green product. Water-based, non-toxic patented olfactory deterrent which has a pH balance of 7.0. Once on the treated surface, it creates an invisible barrier of long-lasting protection

We were skeptical about the product said Joe Kavanagh Public Works Inventory Control Specialist I gave the product to our Parks division because they were having issues with rats ripping open the garbage bags. I had them spray around the cans every 10 days and we couldn't believe it not a single bag has been ripped open! 

We can use it everywhere, inside, outside, on fabric, textiles, and hard surfaces! Joe said they are currently testing it to keep the iguanas away! So far no news is good news! 

The City of Suprise Arizona has also been in the news with its infestation of rodents chewing wires and cables in sanitation trucks! After one month the chewing stopped, no more nesting and we plan on using it to form a barrier of protection around our facility. We'll keep you posted!