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How to Deter Rodents | Infinity Shields®

How to Deter Rodents | Infinity Shields®

Posted by Todd McFliker on Jan 7th 2019

In November of 2017,

Infinity Shields blogged about its multi-purpose olfactory deterrent "Protects". There was one area that was focused on; How the product is saving millions of dollars by detouring rodents from chewing wires, harnesses and cables within the solid waste industry. Consumer Bob, the familiar personality out of a local television station in San Diego, discussed rats doing major damage to automobiles’ wiring systems.

his Facebook page. We decided to join the blog. But what we didn’t realize back then was that our product was saving the solid waste industry close to 60% in electrical charges over a 12-month period. Infinity Pro® is now protecting solid waste trucks for all three of the Fortune 500 waste companies.

In the blog with Consumer Bob,we sought permission, and offered to put our money where my mouth is. Associates of Infinity Pro® handed out free bottles to back up our claims. What you need to understand is that Infinity Pro® is the most efficient multipurpose, surface protectant on the market, ever! These claims are not made by us. Rather, they’re made by the same people and companies using Infinity Pro® to eliminate odor and smoke on contact. Infinity Pro® also stops corrosion and rust on all kinds of surfaces. It even prevents mold, mildew and algae on every surface.

Ms. Marna Brown of Carlsbad, California wanted to try Infinity Pro® to get rid of the returning rodents doing major damage in her mom and dad’s car. It seems they even liked to scurry around her carport. So, we sent her a 32 oz. bottle and told her to spray the areas which were affected. A little over a month later, Ms. Brown came back to say, “No news is good news.” She had sprayed everywhere around her parents’ car and their carport. As a direct result, they haven’t seen a single rat since. By singling out the rodent audience, we were contacted and taken up on our “Try this, it works” comment!

We have been tested to be the safest and most efficient product by the professionals in one of the most trying industries to date, solid waste. We look forward to you experiencing how much Infinity Pro® can do for you. So, keep us posted America. Infinity Pro® protects what matters most to you.