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Infinity Shields Protects Shu's Flies From a Horse Barn

Posted by Frank Cucci on Jan 14th 2023

Davie, Florida

Infinity Shields Protects was put to the test three consetcutive times 30 days apart, and pass the test keeping flies & odor at bay. Gingers horse stall was infested with flies and stunk just like the rest and the owner had no where to turn. One application of Infinity Shields Protects Hose Rinse set the record straight and eliminated the bizarre of flies which infested the stalls and pattock area. Infinity Shields is non-toxic, water-based and is safe for application on plants and grass. Now there's a new sheriff in town! Protects gets the job done all while driving flies away for extented periods of time. This product is scented. Highly recommeded.