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Olfactory Deterrent

Infinity Shields Protects™ is an olfactory deterrent odor eliminator. Once on the treated surface Infinity Shields Protects® surfaces & pests walk on by. Prevents damage to treated items such as, wires, cables, harnesses, ethernet cables, coaxial, fiber, video, audio cables, plastic, engine parts, fabric, & metal. Apply on fabric, textiles, and all hard surfaces, prevents nesting. Eliminates the worst odor on contact. Infinity Shields Protects® has a pH balance of 7.0, dries invisible and will not stain. Infinity Shields Protects® has no health bearing kill claims and has a zero- mortality rate and will not harm pests. Use indoor or outdoor, pro-actively or re-actively, Use in and around cars, trucks, RV’s, boats, attics, patios, dumpsters, compactors, trash rooms, trash chutes. Battle-tested and proven in the Solid Waste Industry.

Made in America by Combat Veterans.