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flyhard - Phoenix, Arizona
September 30, 2020
The Infinity Sheilds surface protectant stain blocker is a very simple product to apply. One note is that the material used for the sprayer is very easy to break if hit against anything hard. It is easy to use with only three settings, off, water and applying the liquid. The product claims to prevent mold, mildew, algae, rust and corrosion. It can also be applied many different surfaces including wood, concrete, stone and many other surfaces.
Tls - Missouri City, Texas
September 29, 2020
This appears to be a very good cleaner. Not sure how long it will last. However, I tested it on a leather chair and my counter top and it seems to do the job. It left the counter top very clean and shiny. It also worked very well on my chairs. The container is the 32 ounces size, so it should go a long way in cleaning quite a few items. I'll try it on some of my other furniture as well as my car's interior.
Steve - Orange Park, Florida
September 29, 2020
5 Seeds Program Review (What's this) First of all this multi purpose protectant has a very nice smell to it. It is not like most cleaner and protectants that have a very strong smell. Very mild and pleasant. I get mold on certain items outside that do not get a lot of sunlight. So I used on my diving board for my pool and my outside generator that sits in the shade and over time get green mold on top. I also used on my spa cover that get mold also. I cleaned all surfaces first them applied the protectant after cleaner. Goes on very easy with clear liquid that covers very well. After about a week with this on I have not seen any mold return.
HomeDepotCustomer - Morristown, Tennessee
September 28, 2020
I decided a good place to start using this would be my Travel Trailer. I really like this product, not only does it protect the surfaces, it also smells good. I used it on counter tops, cabinet fronts, refrigerator, stove, sink and walls/ceiling. It will take time to see if it stands up to its claims but I am confident it will. Next I will use it at home.
Chanson - Minnesota
September 28, 2020
I am very impressed with this product. I read other reviews of various uses for this product and was amazed by what it can do. I have a new dishwasher, stainless steel inside that holds odor. I have cleaned the inside regularly but it still holds odor. So after I cleaned it out again, I sprayed the inside door and the filter that sits on the bottom with the Infinity Shields Fresh and Clean and 5 days later, no odor! I also sprayed the product in the inside of my upright washer to keep it fresh as well. I will be using the product next to spray my outdoor chair cushions prior to storing them away for the winter.
Hootowl - Resaca, Georgia
September 28, 2020
I used this product to close up our motorhome at the end of the season. I applied it to every surface. The table tops, the counter tops, the chairs, couches and even the bedspread and carpet. The scent (I got the fresh & clean) is amazing. It IS a fresh & clean scent. Not too heavy or over powering. I am hoping that it will also deter any critters from deciding to take up residency over the winter. (I'll have to report back on that)! This product is easy to use and it doesn't take much to obtain the desired effect. I plan to use it in many more areas over the next few weeks. I love that it is NOT full of chemicals. This is truly a great product. I would recommend to any and everyone! My husband has an old vehicle that doesn't get used much, he wants to use it in that to eliminate stale odors. He was impressed with the motorhome results!
JasJ - Houston, Texas
September 26, 2020
We like most people have a combination of large (95 gallon) trash bins and recycling tubs. These often become quite oderific and stained. We really likes using the infinity shields surface protectant to eliminate orders, stains and repel future of the same. It is easy to use, just attach to a hose and spray away. It did a great job on the trash bin but only so-so on the rust stains in our recycling bins. Those did come away with some brushing. The Fresh and clean smell is not to over powering, but a nice touch.
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