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Who Are We

We are a Veteran owned & operated EPA-approved manufacturing facility. We are a family business; we work every day to bring you the best we have to offer, and not only do we give 100% but we also give a 100% money-back guarantee. We cherish our environment and we strive to leave it in better shape for the generations to come and trust us... They are on the way! 

There's an old cliché that every once in a lifetime something comes along that changes the game, takes you to the next level, and makes you feel ahead again, makes you feel you got your money's worth... Well, that lifetime is now! Infinity Shields® patented line of products are Second to None! They do what they say... and Even more!

So, if by chance you have a comment, or a suggestion pick up the phone and call us! It is as easy as (954) 531-6918